How to get free IMVU credits from the internet

Today, I want to show you how to get free IMVU credits with using a hack tool. This tool called IMVU Credits Adder V2. By the way, this method will work for a week only per IMVU id since you generate free IMVU credits with this tool.

Here’s the video proof:

*if the video take too long to play, please click player once and then press play again!
This video has been unlisted by the owner (IMVU Cheats admin) because it will easily get patched if the video available publicly.

Free IMVU Credits

So, how can I use this free IMVU credits adder?

All step is simple but please note, be careful to generate free IMVU credits with this tool. Don’t do like you’ll die tomorrow or something like that (just kid, lol) because IMVU server will monitor your activity and once you do some suspicious activity, especially on add your IMVU credits with help some hack tool, BAM! You’ll banned for sure! Trust me, I have try to do that and it’s the stupid thing on my whole (IMVU) life mate! This unlimited free IMVU credits will work only if you have NET framework installed on your PC or laptop.

Okay, let’s do this Unlimited Free IMVU Credits Hack!
Before you do this free IMVU credits method, make sure you login to your IMVU account which will you use for generate the IMVU credits purpose or the method won’t work!

First, you have to download the IMVU Credits hack tool from IMVU Cheats here.

Second, once you finish download the free IMVU Credits hack then you have to open the archive and extract it to your hard disk drive. You don’t need to install this IMVU Credits hack because it will operate once you double click on it.

Third, fill the blank tab on the IMVU Credits Hack tool aka. IMVU Credits Adder V2 with all of your IMVU details like your IMVU Avatar name, etc.

Fourth, choose the amount of free IMVU Credits on the generator. It has two options for IMVU credits which will available to generate. The first option is 20K free IMVU credits and the other one is 50K for free IMVU credits (but this option sometimes crash, I don’t know why but I guess it’s because the IMVU Cheats server is overloaded)

Final step, press the green button to start generate and send your requested free IMVU credits which you setup on fourth step. Close the IMVU credits hack tool and go to your IMVU account. Refresh the page, and VOILA! Your IMVU credits increase! If you’re not see the credits increase, don’t worry. It just take a little time to appear. It’s all depends on the IMVU server actually.

Is it safe to do this free IMVU credits method?

Well, this is the hack tool. And everything’s contain hacks are have some risks to do. I already told you on first post above, just don’t spam your account with this tool. Let it look more natural to your IMVU account. Let’s play slow but safer.

The best thing is, this IMVU credits hack is free and secure to download. I don’t know it will updateable or not but I just want to share with you if I’ve found something working method and it really works well for me. Thank me later and try it now while this free IMVU credits method is still work!

Free IMVU Credits